Lowongan Kerja PT GUNUNG SEWU KENCANA Jakarta Selatan

Lowongan Kerja PT GUNUNG SEWU KENCANA Jakarta Selatan
Lowongan Kerja PT GUNUNG SEWU KENCANA Jakarta Selatan
Entrepreneur at heart
Gunung Sewu incubates businesses starting from ideas which through nurturing and hard work become sustainable businesses.

Our employees
Gunung Sewu employs approximately 25,000 people in its diversified businesses. We empower our people, challenge them to grow every day, and encourage continuous learning.

Diversified Group
A group focused on diverse sectors of agribusiness, insurance, property, and consumers.

Enduring values drive sustainable success
While Gunung Sewu’s strategy has evolved, the core values on which it was founded – integrity, respect, fairness and humility – have endured and remain the heart and soul of the organization.
Job Description:

Lowongan Kerja PT GUNUNG SEWU KENCANA Jakarta Selatan

Provide responsive and effective first line IT technical support to GSK and Farpoint employees
Provide responsive and effective desktop and office productivity software support to GSK and Farpoint employees
To take ownership of problems and be proactive when dealing with issues
Log all calls on the call logging system
To support employees in the use of computer equipment by providing necessary training or advise
To escalate more complex problems to the relevant parties or arrange for external technical support when required.


  1.  Good command of verbal and written English
  2.  Independent and able to perform multitasking.
  3.  Detail oriented, able to perform and deliver tasks on time.
  4. Well organized, fast and productive.
  5.  Pleasant personality & possesses good communication skill.
  6.  Good Analytical and problem solving skills.
  7. Please submit your application with CV  with recent photograph to: recruit@gunungsewu.com

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