Lindsay Kemp (1938 – 2018)


  1. Exploring the avant-garde theatricality of Lindsay Kemp, it’s intriguing to consider how modern digital tools like the CapCut Apk enable today’s artists to create visually captivating content, echoing Kemp’s innovative spirit in the digital age.

  2. I’ m a Spanish woman who could watch “The last dance of Elizabeth I” some years ago in Murcia, Spain. The artist Fernando Castillo, a Spanish painter and sculpture, was a great fan of Lindsay and when in 2005 he watched this magic play talked to the artis Lindsay and asked him for doing some sketches of this wonderful play. Lindsay was very delighted about it and it was when everything started. Fernando Castillo inmortalized this play by means of painting and built a performance based on the play, others by a film, etc. The last dance was about Elizabeth’s dead, remembering all her important moments in life. It was always Lindsay Kemp’s last play and Fernando Castillo’s last masterwork . Maybe these paintings should be considered to rest together for people to see them by the same place Lindsay Kemp’ s Last dance memories are , together with any artwork related to it. I think it would be a good idea. I could help to it.


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