Mis Canciones Favoritas. "Free Radicals" by The Flaming Lips. Dedicada a nuestros defensores de la Libertad (modo ironía on).

You think you're so radical
I think you ought to stop
Say what?
But you're going international
They're gonna call the cops
Oh no no
You're turning into
A poor man's Donald Trump
I know those circumstances make you wanna jump
Oh no

You think you're radical
But you're not so radical
In fact you're fanatical

I'll tell you right now (right now), you ought to change your mind (yes)
All of your friends are (uh huh) standin' in a line
They're getting tired of your attitude fast, oh
(You better lose it, you better lose it)
Without all your bodyguards, how long would you last?
(Not long, not long)

You think...


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