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De Tom Robbins. En Underwood.


  1. Who most likely killed Jonbenet Ramsey ? why think so?
    why they couldn’t find or charge whoever? It got a lot of media attention mostly because of the child beauty pageant issue.
    There was something disturbing about the photos of this little girl with hair
    and makeup that would have looked overdone on a grown woman.
    It cast suspicion on her parents. It was also thought that even if they
    weren’t guilty they… show more I think many believe her older brother did it killing her in a rage and the family is
    scared they will also lose him to prison so have covered up
    his involvement. They are trying to say an outsider did it but I very much doubt a
    stranger snuck into the house and murdered her and left her body in the basement and then managed
    to sneak out again. That is very unlikely and likely
    one of the family members killed her and they are closing ranks and hiding the truth to save the rest
    of the family. If the father did it likely
    the mother would have blabbed to the police out
    of anger so likely the teenage brother did it and the family
    have decided to cover it up.

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